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Junior Gliding

Soaring the skies solo at 14, instructing at 16… Welcome to the world of Junior Gliding!

If you are under 26 and are thinking about starting gliding or just want to know more about what CPH does for juniors, this page is for you.

Camphill is a BGA Junior Gliding Centre. That means that the club has received accreditation from the BGA recognising that the club has policies, procedures and support systems in place to encourage pilots under 26 to fly.

At Camphill, Flying Members up to 21, or under the age of 26 and in full-time education, are eligible to discounts on membership, launches and on soaring fees.

This includes discounted memberships fee and discounts off all soaring and launch fees – making gliding an incredibly affordable way to break into the aviation game. Not to mention the number of scholarships available.

However, Camphill goes further than that! We have recently we have launched our new and improved ‘Junior Credit Scheme’ as a way to make gliding as affordable as possible for those under 21 or under 26 in full-time education. In return for a few hours of ‘work’ at the club, free launches are earnt.

Examples include helping in the workshop and tractor driving for courses.

The aim of this is to encourage juniors to spend more time at the club, especially during school holidays, whilst helping them to fund their flying.

For those who are already solo and are looking at flying with us, the Junior Credit Scheme paired with the free 45 mins of soaring that we offer in our Ka8 gliders means close-to-free flying – and who doesn’t want that?!

Aside from being fun, gliding can bring lots to a young person’s life. It teaches responsibility, instils confidence, creates endless opportunities to make friends and provides the chance to become part of an ever-growing community – it also looks amazing on a CV!

Take a look at what our Junior Members have to say about gliding:

It’s such a unique experience to have access to, and in such a welcoming and homely environment too!

Rosie (U21 Member)

Gliding at Camphill is a blast, you fly surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the peak district, and the Camphill weather means no two flying days are the same. While Camphill is a challenging site to fly, the view from the top of the launch and the idea of exploring the peak district from above motivated me to overcome the challenges faced, and I feel like I’m learning to gain another freedom (kind of like when I first learnt driving, except more fun). The community at Camphill has been great and very supportive, more than willing to answer my questions.

Jingtian (Student Member)

Gliding has changed my life for the better! From having my first flights to flying solo at 17, It has given me the confidence and skills to go and pursue my dreams. The club has become a second family to me! – Emily (U21 Member)